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focus on what matters

With Fitted, any tailor can use our app to manage their business, from measurements to customer info and getting new sales

Delight customers with seamless measurement management, whether ready to wear or custom

Impress customers with virtual measurements collection. Take charge of how you manage measurements. seamless is better.

manual measurement

Auto size Engine

Use body data like (height and weight) to predict your customers’ measurements. Highly accurate and tested with over 15k people

manual measurement

Manual Measurements

Let customers input their measurements manually, as measured by yourself or a tailor

Are you a fashion brand getting your products out?

Take your fashion business to the next level by focusing on what matters. Scale the production of your fashion pieces and designs without the headache of Tailor recruitment.

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Save time focusing on what matters; measurements, seams & creativity

Save time by collecting new customer’s measurements with the Fitted platform. Improve storage of existing customer’s measurements by recording them with Fitted

tailor taking measurement
tailor taking measurement

Access measurements anywhere, anytime

Fitted's technology empowers your business with offline capabilities, ensuring that connectivity challenges do not hinder your use of apps for improvement. Experience the full power of Fitted even in environments with limited or no internet access.

tailor taking measurement

Centralize Records

Whether you prefer capturing measurements on-site or remotely, Fitted provides versatile options to suit your business needs. You can conveniently send customers a simple form to fill in, ensuring accurate and comprehensive data collection.

Exceptional tailor brands run their businesses on fitted

We’re used by some of the best in class fashion designers and tailor brands

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Pricing plans that scale

The tailor app will always have a free version for tailors, artisans and brands at their earliest stages. For those looking to scale up, we offer very competitive pricing!

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Free Forever

You’ll never pay!

  • gjjgjgjgAccess to all basic features
  • gjjgjgjgStore customer measurements
  • gjjgjgjgDownload customer measurement (offline mode to save data)
  • gjjgjgjgStore customer contact information
  • gjjgjgjgSend & receive measurements
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Billed annually.

  • gjjgjgjgGet unlimited jobs ranging from N1 to over N1 million
  • gjjgjgjgNegotiate and accept jobs
  • gjjgjgjgFulfill jobs and get rated out of 5 stars
  • gjjgjgjgOutsource production jobs to others

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tailor taking measurement